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FROM HERE Impact Producer Job Description - Applications due Dec 15, 2021

About the Film

FROM HERE (90-min, documentary film) is a hopeful story of four young artists and activists based in Berlin and New York whose lives hang in the balance of immigration debates. Spanning a decade and multiple political administrations in two of the world’s largest centers of immigration, this nuanced documentary captures their journeys to redefine what it means to “belong” in societies that are hostile to their existence. 

FROM HERE is complimented by a robust educational initiative


About the Role

We are seeking an Impact Producer who will co-create the strategic vision for and manage Impact activities around the film release in 2022. The Impact Producer will be invited to bring their lived experiences and professional expertise to shaping the goals and activities for community-centered screening events, organizational and grassroots partnerships, and impact initiatives. 


Our top level goals are to 

  1. develop events through community partnerships that create spaces for deeper dialogue on migration, belonging, and anti-racism

  2. Increase the audience for FROM HERE through screening events and activation of the web-based resources on

  3. Support Legislative Campaigns (DACA, TPS, CIR- US) 


Responsibilities will be shaped by the Impact Producer’s wheelhouse and community focus area(s), and will include some combination of: developing and activating partnerships around screenings, discussions, workshops, university engagements, legislative campaigns; managing event production (may be in-person and/or virtual); leveraging web-based educational resources; marketing support such as copywriting; budget management; contacts database management



The ideal candidate will be passionate and creative about amplifying the film’s messages, and have experience interfacing with one or more of our primary constituencies: immigrant communities, university students and young people, community organizers and activists, and general audiences. A strong racial justice lens and general knowledge of the immigrant rights landscape and critical issues facing immigrant communities in the U.S. today is important. We will prioritize candidates whose lived experience aligns with the narratives and themes in the film, as well as individuals with a demonstrated commitment to the issues. Past experiences might include community organizing, a leadership position on a previous documentary film or arts impact campaign, a non-profit public awareness campaign, political campaign, or similar.


BIPOC, immigrant, women, gender non-conforming/non-binary, and trans impact producers are strongly encouraged to apply. Must be U.S.-based and willing to work around PST timing. Multi-lingual welcomed, especially Spanish and German. Passion for using art for social change is a must.

Compensation: $21,000 total for approximately the first half of 2022 at roughly half time. Terms and monthly rate negotiable, as we embrace collaboration in creating a timeframe and flow of resources that both meets our goals and fit the capacities and needs of the impact producer.  Potential for extension of contract depending on availability of funds. 

TO APPLY: Please send a resume and information about your past work and interest in working on FROM HERE to With this role, we are seeking a thought partner who will help shape the impact strategy based on their own wheelhouse and lived experiences. Applicants are encouraged to emphasize their specific areas of expertise and interest (i.e. community organizing, social issue documentary impact producing, legislative campaign strategy). The final list of responsibilities and goals for this position will reflect a vision and strategy co-created with the Impact Producer. 


Deadline to apply Dec 15th for a start date in January

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