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If you are interested to host a screening of FROM HERE, please reach out



17  Nov 2023     European Alternatives Trust and Solidarity Conference - Screening + Workshops

30  Nov 2023      University of Toronto

13   Dec 2023     Bosch Foundation Berlin

17   Dec 2023      Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, U.S. with director Christina Antonakos-Wallace and Sonny Singh in person

18    Dec 2023       Generalitat de Catalunya - Barcelona, SPAIN
                                General Directorate for Migration, Shelter and Anti-Racism -
                                on the occasion of The International Day of the Migrant


11  Nov 2023      South Asia Institute of Chicago - Chicago, U.S. 

2  Nov 2023 City of Davis, California / University of California Davis, U.S

25 Sep 2023  Oglethorpe University, Atlanta GA 

21 Sep 2023  Detroit Metro DSA - Detroit MI USA 

17  Aug 2023   Zentrum für verfolgte Künste, Solingen, GERMANY - 19 H0
 07 Oct 2023   Ateneu 9 Barris, Barcelona, SPAIN - 18 H

04 July 2023    Cairo - JESUIT Cultural Center - Screening

5/6th July 2023 Alexandria - Workshop on Impact Producing with FROM HERE as a Case Study

07  July 2023   JESUIT Cultural Center El Minya -02  July 2023      Cinema Bel Air, Mulhouse, FRANCE - 16 H - Tickets

14    July 2023      Kindl-Brauerei - Berlin, GERMANY  moveGLOBAL- Berliner Verband migrantischer-diasporischer

1  July 2023      Cinema Bel Air, Mulhouse, FRANCE - 20 H - Tickets - La CIMADE

28  June 2023      Allerwelthaus, Cologne - GERMANY - 19:00 H

29  June 2023      Screening for EU Parliamentarians with MEP Romeo Franz -Brussels, BELGIUM

30  June 2023      Pauluskerk - Mauritsweg, 18, Rotterdam, THE NETHERLANDS - 18:30 H International Office for Migration Organisationen in der Einen Welt e.V.18 May 2023   COLEGIO FRONTERA NORTE "El Colef" - TIJUANA, Mexico - 1:30 pm              

26 April 2023  Welcoming Interactive 2023 Conference, SAN JOSE, CA     

20 April 2023  Manhattan Marymount College - NEW YORK, NY   

19 April 2023  CUNY Lehman College - BRONX, NY

17 April 2023  Northern Arizona University - FLAGSTAFF, AZ    

15 April 2023 The LOFT Cinema - TUCSON, AZ - 2 pm in partnership with Salvavision                                      

14 April 2023 Ajo Historical Plaza  - AJO, AZ The Battalion Search & Rescue and Intl. Sonoran Desert Alliance     

21 Mar 2023  Theater an der Parkaue - Berlin, Germany

28 Mar 2023   Eine Welt Haus München as part of the international day against racism Migration Macht Gesellschaft e.V.  

01 Mar 2023   Hansa Kino Syke, SYKE, GERMANY  

28 Jan 2023   Queens Museum, Queens, NEW YORK, USA

27 Jan 2023   Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, BERLIN, GERMANY 

18 Dec 2022   Cinema Muenster - MÜNSTER, GERMANY

15 Dec 2022   Biblioteca Rafael Azcona - RIOJA Observatory for Human Rights Spain

13 Dec 2022   Zumzeig Cinema - #RegularizaciónYa - MigreSS - Ajuntament de Barcelona, SPAIN

09 Dec 2022    Transitie Cinema - International Organization for Migration, THE HAGUE, NETHERLAND

07 Dec 2022    Kino am Raschplatz - HANNOVER GERMANY

29 Nov 2022    Universitat de Lleida, LLEIDA, SPAIN

20 Nov 2022    The Sikhlens Art & Film Festival, Orange County, CALIFORNIA, USA

20 Nov 2022    Festival Between Land and Sea, BREMEN, GERMANY

19 Nov 2022    37th Festival del Cinema Latino-Americano de Trieste, TRIESTE, ITALY

11 Nov 2022    Filmfestival Bergisch-Gladbach, BERGISCH GLADBACH, GERMANY

31 Oct 2022     Globale Mittelhessen Film Festival, MARBURG, GERMANY

29 Oct  2022    Ake Dikhea International Film Festival, BERLIN, GERMANY

04  Oct 2022    Office of MP Kassem Taher Saleh, DRESDEN, GERMANY in cooperation with impact partner Statefree e.V. 

29 Sept 2022   New York Human Rights Film Festival, NEW YORK, USA

28 Sept 2022   Budde-Haus, LEIPZIG, GERMANY Screening & Conversation with impact partner Nicht ohne uns - 14 % in cooperation  with Petra Čagalj Sejdi, MP in Saxony 

22 Sept 2022   Rambla de l'Art, CCAMBRILS CITY, SPAIN

16 Sept 2022   X Congreso de Migraciones - MADRID, SPAIN  

16 Sept 2022   Lleida Pels Refigiats, LLEIDA, SPAIN

09 Sept 2022  12th Annual Conference in Political Economy, BOLOGNA, ITALY  

23 May 2022    Kino am Markt, JENA, GERMANY   Screening & Conversation with impact partner MigraNetz Thüringen

21 May 2022    UT Connewitz Kino, LEIPZIG, GERMANY  Screening & Conversation with impact partner Romano Sumnal e.V.

20 May 2022.   Moviemento Kino, BERLIN, GERMANY  Screening & Conversation with impact partner Migrationsrat e.V.

18 May 2022    Alabama Kino, HAMBURG, GERMANY Screening & Conversation with impact partner MOSAIQ e.V.

16 May 2022    Odeon Kino, COLOGNE, GERMANY Screening & Conversation with impact partners Coach e.V. and In-Haus e.V.


Best Feature Film  - New York Human Rights Film Festival 2022

Best Film Editing - New Filmmakers Los Angeles 2022

Best Feature Documentary - Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival

Best Feature Documentary - Boden Film Festival 2021

Audience Award, Best Feature Film - Local Sightings Film Festival 2020 


Human Rights Watch London (Premiere -UK)

Human Rights Watch New York (USA)

Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (Germany) 

New Filmmakers Los Angeles Film Festival (USA)

Luxembourg City Film Festival (Luxembourg)

Hawaii International Film Festival (USA)

FicLaPaz Film Festival (Bolivia)

Art House Asia Film Festival (India)

Inncontro Film Festival (Austria)

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival (USA)

Bend Film Festival (USA), Tallgrass Film Festival (USA)

Philadelphia Latino Film Festival (USA)

Port Townsend Film Festival (USA)

Seattle Asian American Film Festival (USA)

Local Sightings Film Festival (USA)

Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival (USA)

Beyond Borders Film Festival (Greece)

Immigration Film Festival (USA)

Boden Film Festival (Sweden)

New York Human Rights Film Festival (USA)

Sguardi Altrove International Women's Film Festival,  (Italy)

The Sikhlens Art & Film Festival (USA)

Festival Between Land and Sea, BREMEN, GERMANY

 37th Festival del Cinema Latino-Americano de Trieste  ITALY

Filmfestival Bergisch-Gladbach, BERGISCH GLADBACH, GERMANY

Globale Mittelhessen Film Festival, MARBURG, GERMANY

Ake Dikhea International Film Festival (Germany)


Odeon Cinema - Cologne

Alabama Cinema - Hamburg

Moviemento - Berlin

UT Connewitz - Leipzig

Kino Am Mark - Jena 

Loft Cinema, Tucson Arizona

Cultural Institutions

San Jose Museum of Art

Goethe Institute of North America

Imagining America Conference

Allied Media Conference

Heinrich Böll Foundation

Queens Museum


Harvard University

Eastern Carolina University

University of Illinois - Champaign UrbanaTrinity University

TU Dresden

University of California Los Angeles

Rutgers University

PACE University

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