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Set in Berlin and New York, FROM HERE is a hopeful story of four young artists and activists from immigrant families redefining belonging in an era of rising nationalism globally.


FROM HERE accompanies Tania, Sonny, Miman, and Akim, four dynamic artists and activists in the crosshairs of immigraton and integration debates. As they move from their 20’s into their 30’s, they face major turning points that bring questions of identity to the fore: fighting for citizenship, creating family, surviving violence, and finding creative expression. This intimate documentary captures their journey to define belonging for themselves in societies that are increasingly hostile to their existence. Filmed over a decade in two of the world’s largest immigration countries–the U.S. and Germany–their individual stories echo the millions of young people from immigrant families coming of age during this era of rising nationalism. FROM HERE offers four distinct visions of resistance and resilience–showing not only their struggle, but enormous power. 

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